You got a new TV for Christmas, now what do you do with the old one?


If you’ve dropped off any donations at the South Mission Street Goodwill store in Wenatchee you likely saw dozens of old TV sets piled up against the building.

You got a new TV for Christmas, now what do you do with the old one?

Goodwill Spokesman, Joey Edminster says the televisions are being collected as part of the organization’s electronic waste recycling program.

“Obviously those huge TVs are not really in high demand anymore but there is thousands of them that are still circulating through our area here so we do accept those,” Edminster said. “If they’re the newer flat-screen TVs we will check and see if they are working and if they are we put them out on the sales floor to see if anyone would like to purchase them.”

Edminster said most donations are the older television sets that need recycling.

“We work with other people in the community and we will take the wires off of those and recycle the wiring, but there is a lot of the stuff inside the TV that we don’t really have the capabilities of recycling those properly,” Edminster said. “We will actually give those TVs to other companies so they will do what they need to to basically recycle them safely.”

Goodwill’s E-Waste program also accepts old computers and monitors. He said they collected over 42,200 pounds of electronic waste in Wenatchee last year with over 792,000 pounds collected statewide.