Woman accused of setting housefire with disabled resident inside


WATERVILLE — An East Wenatchee woman is accused of setting fire to her own home earlier this week, then leaving a disabled resident in the house while she fled.

Douglas County sheriff’s deputies say Cora L. Herbert, 48, started a fire Tuesday afternoon in her own upper-story bedroom in the 2700 block of Westview Drive, then said goodbye to the other resident and drove away. The resident, who has limited mobility, smelled smoke and fled the house while calling 911.

Firefighters kept the fire from spreading beyond the single room. Deputies said Herbert poured gasoline or a similar accelerant on her own bed and the floor of her bedroom, then set the fire. Investigators said they recovered a gas can in her room.

When interviewed by police Wednesday, Herbert allegedly said she had been drinking and abusing medication, and had no memory of starting a fire.

In a court appearance Friday, Douglas County Judge Eric Biggar ordered Herbert held on $50,000 bail. Police are seeking a charge of first-degree arson with a domestic violence component.