WHS AppleEttes Prepare For Competition Season

As well as a Hip Hop Holidays Mini Dance Camp December 16th at Wenatchee High School


WENATCHEE, WA – The Wenatchee High School AppleEttes Dance team continues to prepare for the upcoming competition season as well as a mini-camp fundraiser. 4th year coach Lynsey Loudon says her team of 20 dancers has a level of commitment that goes throughout the year, not just a single season.

“They have such a huge dedication to dance.  It’s such a big time commitment and I’d say one of the hardest thing for them is taking that time away from their family and their friends,” says Loudon.  “They have to keep their grades up,” she adds, “their GPA has to be acceptable or they’re not allowed to compete.”  Loudon says her team has made every single grade check so far this year.

The girls try out for AppleEttes in the spring, prior to the next school year and go through a week of grueling, physical trials.  Loudon says they work out through the summer to prepare for the fall.  “I think my favorite part is seeing the girls bond as a team.  That, to me, is priceless. And also football season in general is so much fun.  But now we’re getting ready for competition season and that’s what the girls live for.”

Junior Lainie Johnston says she decided to try out for the AppleEttes when she saw them perform.  “I saw them (the AppleEttes) at football games and assemblies and I thought that was a cool thing to do and a cool sport.  So I tried out and made the JV team.”  Johnston recommends the AppleEttes to anyone, “I think it’s been a really cool experience of being a team and being a family and knowing all the girls and making new friends.  I think…I’d recommend it to people.”

The AppleEttes are hosting a “Hip Hop Holidays Mini Dance Camp” for youth aged kindergarten to through 5th grade December 16th. Search WHS AppleEttes on Facebook for sign-up information.

WHS AppleEttes Mini Camp Flyer

As seen during NCWLIFE News Tuesday, December 5, 2017.