What up with all those little yellow flags in area parks?

City of East Wenatchee photo taken at Gateway Park.

If you’ve noticed little yellow flags sprouting up in area parks lately, you may have wondered what that’s all about.

Well, it’s about poop. Specifically, dog poop that wasn’t picked up by the animal’s owner.

The Wenatchee Valley Stormwater Technical Advisory Committee has begun a project that involves marking the spots as a reminder of how bad the pet waste problem is.

The cities of Wenatchee and East Wenatchee, as well as Chelan and Douglas counties are participating in the project.

In addition to appearing in parks, the signs are also being placed at accesses to the Apple Capital Loop Trail.

“It’s very easy to ignore that one pile, but when you see dozens of little yellow flags throughout your parks it can easily become overwhelming,” the city of East Wenatchee explained in a Facebook post.

The stormwater advisory group says there are an estimated 20,000 dogs in the Wenatchee Valley dropping more than 6,000 pounds of poop a day.

“Uncollected pet waste on sidewalks, hiking trails in the foothills and in parks is unsightly and poses a health threat to people, pets, wildlife, and pollutes local waters, the advisory group says. “Pet waste is full of bacteria that can get washed into storm drains and into Columbia River.”

The flags will stay up for a week or two, the advisory committee said.