Wenatchee’s RadarStation welcomes new gallery


Radarstation is known for bringing a unique vibe to the downtown Wenatchee corridor. With its pop surrealism art lining the walls, Radar hosts events like open mic nights, burlesque and drag shows along with movie screenings.

We visit with owner Ron Evans to talk about the recent change to his local business: the Collapse Contemporary Art Gallery.

“When I first moved into 115 S. Wenatchee Ave, I rented the entire space,” Evans said. “It was a lot, it was a lot of space.”

Evans said after a two years of art shows and events, his landlords have taken over the storefront of the location as he focuses on the bar and entertainment side of RadarStation.

“It was a lot of real estate for what I needed to do,” Evans said. “We put up a little movable wall, a little divider wall, but it’s changed everything for the better.”

When entering RadarStation, visitors find themselves immersed in the art displayed by Collapse, with the neon lights and science fiction decor of Radar peaking through.

“What really has appealed to me, and a lot of the people that have been coming to RadarStation forever, is when you walk in you get that experience like what is this, it’s a boutique thing but what’s happening back here,” Evans said.

Evans said the partnership maintains the goals he set when establishing RadarStation.

“You do this thing where you fade from the light into my dark cave of weirdness,” Evans said. “It really is set up like a speakeasy now.”

RadarStation features a bar with beer and wine, and various forms of local entertainment each week.

“It’s all going on behind this legitimate front,” Evans said. “Splitting the space and the costs has been huge for continuing the RadarStation train of weirdness.”

Evans said his busiest nights are when he hosts open mic nights for local comedians, musicians and poets.

“The open mics have been really popular, those alone have been paying my rent,” Evans said. ‘The big surprise has been the quality of local comedians. A lot of these comedians, their very first performances ever was right there on World Famous Ray Gun Stage so I’m pretty proud of how that’s developed.”

To keep up on the events at RadarStation visit the Facebook page here. Collapse Contemporary Art Gallery is open Thursdays and Fridays from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., and Saturdays 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Follow the gallery on Facebook to stay up to date on art shows and events.