Humane Society celebrates new nursery with Kitten Shower this Saturday


WENATCHEE – The Wenatchee Valley Humane Society will be hosting a “Kitten Shower” this Saturday, May 11, to celebrate the recent installation of a kitten nursery.

The shower will resemble a regular baby shower and will include cake, games, and a gift registry for kitten care supplies. There will also be a bottle feeding demonstration and education on fostering. The shower will take place 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. at the shelter.

The registry can be found at or items can be purchased at Firehouse Pet Shop and Grooming.

The WVHS takes in about 100 neonatal kittens a year. These kittens are very small; sometimes only hours old. They cannot care for themselves and need constant feeding.

“[The kittens] basically need a mom to take care of them,” said WVHS Development Officer Renee Parkins. “[The kitten nursery] will allow us to best serve those kittens while they’re waiting for foster parents to come in and take them.”

Sometimes the kittens arrive at the shelter through a pregnant cat and other times people will bring in kittens they have found.

“It’s kind of a tricky situation with newborn kittens,” said Parkins. “A lot of times people will see them and think that they’ve been abandoned and they’ll bring them in, but often times, Mama’s just out hunting for food.”

Parkins advises people to leave stray kittens alone and monitor them for four to eight hours. If the mother does not return, the kittens seem distressed, or the area is unsafe, the kittens may be brought to the shelter for care.