Wenatchee students to join Sept. 20 climate action


WENATCHEE — Wenatchee High School students plan to march for climate action on Sept. 20 — one of an estimated 500 events scheduled around the country to urge action on the crisis.

The 11:15 a.m. march is expected to proceed from WHS to Wenatchee City Hall, where speakers and presentations follow. Afterwards, a screening of the new climate documentary Ice On Fire is scheduled at the Wenatchee Community Center.

Wenatchee activist Sue Kane said 350 Wenatchee, a local branch of the nonprofit 350.org, is supporting and lending help to the march, but the effort arose from students.

“This really is a youth-led climate strike, and so we are working with students at WHS who actually reached out to us to help them,” she says. “I really am excited it’s the youth that’s really putting this on, and we’re kind of their backup.”

Nationally, the Youth Climate Strike Coalition is calling for an end to U.S. fossil fuel extraction and a transition to renewable energy by 2030, in addition to other demands. The U.S. National Climate Assessment, released last November, says the Northwest alone is already experiencing impacts like increased and more intense wildfires, changes in fish and wildlife health, droughts, disrupted agricultural cycles, and lower snowfall.