Wenatchee Real Estate Snapshot for January 2018

Wenatchee Real Estate

WENATCHEE – The Wenatchee Real Estate home sales for January in the Wenatchee market has shown a decrease of 7-percent compared to January of 2017. In fact, when comparing sales during the last 90 days to the same period last year, there has been a 5% decrease in the number of homes sold.

The good news is that new home listings last month showed an increase of 31-percent when compared to January 2017.

Wenatchee Real Estate

The median sales price for January 2018, which is basically the price point in the middle of all property sales, is up 3-percent over last year at $276,250-dollars. The average home price, which is calculated by taking the sum of the values of all home sales and dividing it by the number of homes sold, is up 16-percent over last year at $321,299-dollars.