Wenatchee police captain gets stuck in German elevator


Getting stuck in an elevator is never fun, perhaps even less so when you’re in the Bavarian Alps.

Wenatchee Police Capt. Edgar Reinfeld has been vacationing this week in Germany with his wife and parents.

After a pleasant dinner in Salzburg, Austria, the group returned to their Munich apartment.

“As we started out of the basement parking garage the elevator went up a little bit and then it slammed down again with a huge boom, then came to a stop,” Reinfeld said. “And we were stuck.”

They first tried to call the Airbnb operator, then use the elevator intercom, with no luck, he said. So they called 112, the German version of 911.

Ten minutes later, fire crews arrived and about five minutes later rescued the group from the elevator.

The elevator was stuck between floors, he said.

As a police officer, he’s never been involved in elevator rescues, Reinfeld said.

But it was not his first unpleasant encounter with an elevator.

He said about 20 years ago he was rescued after being trapped for 45 minutes alone in the elevator at Link Transit’s Columbia Station.