Wenatchee Orchardist Highlighted By Good Fruit Grower Magazine


Growing cherries and apples is a staple of our community here in North Central Washington. The orchards that grow our fruit have been the source of livelihood for generations of Wenatchee families. In the case of John Grubb and his family, working and learning the orchard life is something you just grow up doing.  John is a fourth-generation cherry grower and was recently highlighted by the Good Fruit Grower Magazine, as one of Washington’s outstanding Young Growers.

As the son of Mike and Cindy Grubb, John spent his childhood getting on the job training. Whether it was fixing sprinkler heads with Grandpa Dale or driving the four wheeler around the orchard, John was raised in an atmosphere that allowed him to grow his skills just like the fruit around him.  Grubb graduated from Wenatchee High School after that he studied sustainable agriculture at Washington State University before finally making his return to Wenatchee. Now John works at Blue Bird Inc. as a horticulturist.

In his interview with Good Fruit Grower magazine, Grubb said that there’s one important thing for young growers to know; “Prepare your farm so it can change with the industry.” Grubb isn’t the only young grower here in North Central Washington, but can lead by example for other family run orchards as they begin the process of passing on to the next generations.

For John’s full article in the Good Grower Magazine