Wenatchee High students banned from tonight’s football game after court storm last night


A choice by a few will have an impact on many following an incident at last night’s Wenatchee vs. Eastmont volleyball game at Wenatchee High School…

Wenatchee students stormed the court after last night's volleyball game

Following Wenatchee’s sweep of Eastmont in volleyball, about 70 Wenatchee students stormed the court and confronted the Eastmont students…

Volleyball Floor Rush 2021-09-24

Volleyball Floor Rush 2021-09-24

Thankfully, Eastmont athletic director Russ Waterman was in position to head off the Wenatchee students as they approached the Eastmont students and keep it from being more than it was.

As a result, however, the Wenatchee administration met today and decided to ban the Wenatchee student body from attending any Wenatchee vs Eastmont athletic events for the rest of the fall, including tonight’s Bridge of Sportsmanship football game and tomorrow’s soccer match.

In addition, Wenatchee reported itself to the Columbia Basin Big Nine and will pay a 250-dollar fine for its students breaking a league rule against coming onto the playing surface during or after a game.

Wenatchee administrators will be at the gate for tonight’s game and turn away anyone they recognize as a student at Wenatchee High School.