Wenatchee High School cancels in-person classes after reports of a threat


Wenatchee High School cancelled in-person classes this morning after someone emailed the district anonymously saying someone was going to bring a gun to school, said Wenatchee Police Sgt. Nathan Hahn.

“Out of an abundance of caution, we will move to a late Monday schedule with remote learning today,” the Wenatchee School District said in a social media post.

Hahn said the email was sent overnight and read by district staff this early morning.

“The threat was not specific,” Hahn said. “Like this person said they were going to come in and do it, they just said somebody was going to come in and do it.”

Hahn said the Wenatchee Police Department’s student resource officers are working to determine the origin of the email.

He said there has been no determination yet on the legitimacy of the threat.

No other schools are affected by the incident, the district said.

The Wenatchee Police Department also investigated reports of a threat Thursday.

“We has some issues yesterday that looked like somebody was making a threat against the school and then it turned out to be some business up in Waterville or somewhere else,” said Wenatchee Police Capt. Edgar Reinfeld.