Wenatchee having trouble finding enough school bus drivers


A bus driver shortage has the Wenatchee School District scrambling.

Currently, mechanics, office workers and even the head of the transportation department are taking the wheel at times.

You’ll soon see “drivers wanted” signs on buses parked throughout the city, said Jennifer Lagadinos, district transportation director.

Without new drivers, it could mean fewer routes and crowded buses, the district said.

Bus driver shortages are a problem nationwide with low unemployment numbers, she said.

Drivers in Wenatchee make $19.75 an hour. The district will offer free training.

Eastmont transportation director Troy Lewis, said things aren’t as dire across the river, but there still are positions that need filling.

Eastmont found itself in a pinch similar to Wenatchee’s last year as it scrambled to get drivers.

Even though it’s been all-hands-on-deck in Wenatchee for anyone capable of driving a bus, that’s not enough, the district said.