Wenatchee finishing work on narrowing piece of Mission Street for safer crossing

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If you’ve driven in south Wenatchee recently, you’ve likely seen all that road construction work going on at the intersection of Spokane and Mission streets.

At first glance, it appears they’re making Mission Street narrower.

And yes, that’s exactly what they’re doing.

It’s all about safety, said Wenatchee Public Works Director Rob Jammerman.

“We’re installing a rapid-repeating flashing beacon crossing to help pedestrians with getting across there,” Jammerman said.

He said such lighting is very effective in helping people cross busy streets.

“But they only work best with one or two lanes of crossing, not three,” he said.

That meant reducing Mission from three to two lanes at that point.

“If you’ve been by there, they’re completing up the curb gutter and sidewalk right now,” Jammerman said. “there is a delay on the rapid-repeating beacon, that’ll be later this year.”

He said the rest of the equipment probably won’t be installed for a month or two.

The project also includes pedestrian improvements on Spokane between Mission and Chelan Avenue.