Wenatchee considering Panther-branded debit cards as a way of raising funds


The Wenatchee School District is considering whether to use branded debit cards as a way to make up lost program revenue.

The Associated Student Body normally makes about $70,000 a year in athletic ticket sales, but with the pandemic, it doesn’t have that income.

GESA Credit Union offers a program where students, parents and alumni could use GESA branded debit cards as a kind of fundraiser for the ASB.

GESA outreach specialist Brandon Allison told the Wenatchee School Board on Wednesday that 19 school districts are enrolled and earning money through the program, including Eastmont.

The board expects to adopt a contract with GESA at its next meeting.

The proposed contract of the GESA Affinity Debit Card program allows the district to generate unrestricted revenue from the use of district-branded debit cards.

There is no cost to the district to participate.

GESA would make branded debit cards for Wenatchee and WestSide High Schools.

The contract will be presented at the next school board meeting for the consent agenda.