Wenatchee City Council to discuss Skyline Drive Overlook during study session

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WENATCHEE- Wenatchee City Council members will discuss ongoing issues relating to the Skyline Drive overlook when they meet at a study session later today.

The City is responding to complaints from neighboring property owners concerning traffic, noise and under-age drinking at the popular pullout and scenic overlook. City Parks and Recreation Department Director, Dave Erickson says the City reached out to the general public in a survey for possible suggestions.

He says the City’s Parks Commission considered those recommendations at a recent public hearing.

“We had vey good input from the folks that came as well as all the emails, phone calls and poll results,” Erickson said. “This evening at the city council meeting the commission will be presenting their recommendation after all of this input. Staff had a recommendation and so does the commission so they’ll present that tonight.”

City Council will accept the recommendation or present their own recommendation following the presentations, Erickson said adding that a range of options are available from closing down the overlook to installing surveillance cameras at the location. Today’s study session at City Hall begins at 5:15.

Survey Results:

Skyline Drive Final Poll Results