Wenatchee City Council briefed on Our Valley Our Future housing survey

Housing Survey

WENATCHEE-Housing in the Wenatchee Valley is scarce and it’s costly. At last night’s Wenatchee city council meeting, council members heard a brief report on an area housing survey conducted by the local advocacy group, Our Valley Our Future.

Our Valley received over 1700 responses to its 35-question housing survey.

In the survey, 46-percent of respondents said they are spending over 30-percent of their income on housing with 23-percent spending more than 40-percent of their household income on either rent or mortgage.

Also in the survey, 45-percent of respondents said they would be willing to help finance new roads and utilities so more land could be opened up for housing while 23-percent of those surveyed said they would not.

Among renters in the survey, 46-percent said they are paying more than they can afford and added that the biggest housing challenge in the Wenatchee Valley is an inadequate supply of quality, reasonably priced homes and apartments.