Wenatchee attorney pays fine, court fees for crashing his car into a condo complex


A Wenatchee attorney who crashed his car into a condominium complex in April reached a deal that resulted in reduced charges and $800 in fines and court fees.

Peter Fraley, 55, was fined for second-degree negligent driving after initially being charged with reckless driving and hit and run.

Peter Fraley

Late April 26, Fraley apparently missed a turn on McKittrick Street and Stella Avenue in Wenatchee and swerved onto a lawn, hitting a tree before crashing into the condo unit.

Witnesses reported he drove away at a high rate of speed. He contacted Wenatchee police the next day, saying he may have hit a tree the previous evening.

The tenants of the condo said pieces of his vehicle were left behind.

John Brangwin, Fraley’s attorney, said the cost of the damages also was paid.

“We reached out to both the tenant and landlord of the building that Mr. Fraley struck,” Brangwin said. “And we were able to make sure that all the damages caused by Mr. Fraley were paid for. Mr. Fraley’s insurance paid for most of the damage, if not all the damage. And then Mr. Fraley also paid both the landlord and the tenant additional funds for things that weren’t covered.”

In exchange, the landlord and tenant then agreed that the criminal charge of hit and run could be dismissed, Brangwin said.

Prosecutor came from outside Wenatchee

A special Snohomish County prosecutor was brought in for the case and had added a reckless driving charge against Fraley. That charge was reduced from a criminal charge to a traffic infraction, for which Fraley was fined $550. In addition, he paid $250 in court costs.

Fraley is an attorney with the Wenatchee law firm Ogden Murphy Wallace. He has served as the attorney for the Port of Chelan County and the Greater Wenatchee Events Center Public Facilities District, which oversees the operation of the Town Toyota Center.

He was one of the key people involved in the resolution of the Town Toyota Center financial crisis that almost led the city of Wenatchee into bankruptcy.

The city of Wenatchee had hired the special prosecutor to oversee the case against Fraley.

Brangwin said the fact Fraley left the scene after hitting the condo did not amount to hit and run.

“When you hit property, it’s different than hitting a car … the law allows that all you have to do is make a reasonable attempt to contact the owner of the property,” Brangwin said. “Many times you might hit a mailbox or something, no one’s around, you don’t know exactly who the owner of the piece of property is, so the law allows you a reasonable amount of time to reach out to find out who the owner is.”

Fraley reportedly admitted drinking beers the day of the accident but denied he was drunk when his car hit the condo.

“Alcohol was not a factor in the accident, and Mr. Fraley does not have an alcohol problem,” Brangwin said.