Crews Continue to Battle Wenatchee Area Fires

Wenatchee area fires

The Complex of Wenatchee area fires have now fanned across 37 square miles of sage and grasslands. The Spartan, Sutherland Canyon and Straight Hollow Fires were whipped up yesterday by high winds making for challenging conditions for the 360 firefighters deployed on the lines. The command structure will transition into a Type 2 incident management team which takes control today.

Spartan Fire 30 % Contained

Crews on the Spartan Fire 9 miles SE of Wenatchee have the fire 30 percent contained. No structures lost or damaged. Evacuation levels have not been changed. Road closures are still in place. Crews continue the arduous task of building hand lines and monitoring for hotspots.

Sutherland Canyon Fire 10 % Contained

The Sutherland Canyon Fire has now grown to 10,000 acres and 10% contained. Its burning in the Palisades Canyon about 15 miles S of East Wenatchee. Gusty winds caused fire spotting over Palisades Road in the Moses Coulee area. Level 3 evacuations were issued for residents living along Palisades Road extending 6 miles in from where it intersects with Highway 28.

Straight Hollow Fire 20 % Contained

The Straight Hollow Fire branched off the Sutherland Canyon Fire and is burning about 20 miles S. of East Wenatchee. Its grown to over 6000 acres of remote brush and sagelands. No structures are immediately threatened but new Level Two evacuations have been issued for the Monitor Hill area on the western outskirts of Quincy.

Wenatchee area fires
Map of fire complex




Acres: 7,500

Cause: Lightning
9 miles SE of Wenatchee, WA

Total Personnel: 160
Fuels/Topography: Grass, brushy fuels
Spartan Fire Summary: Overnight crews conducted 1 ½ miles of burnout operations along Kingsbury Road to remove unburned grasses along the existing containment lines. Today fire managers will continue to monitor burned areas for hotspots as well as continue building lines to contain any new fire growth to the west.

Fire: Sutherland Canyon Fire

Acres: 10,000

Cause: Unknown
15 miles S of East Wenatchee, WA

Total Personnel: 150
Fuels/Topography: Grass, brushy fuels

Sutherland Canyon Fire Summary: Yesterday, winds resulted in very active fire behavior with the fire spotting over Palisades Road in the Moses Coulee area. Overnight firefighters conducted approximately 600 acres of burnout operations to stop future fire growth to the north. Today, with the return of dry, windy conditions, firefighters and multiple air resources will continue to build fireline and engage the fire when it is safe to do so.

Fire: Straight Hollow Fire

Acres: 6,000

Cause: Lightning
Location: 20 miles S of East Wenatchee, WA

Total Personnel: 50
Fuels/Topography: Grass, brushy fuels

Straight Hollow Fire Summary: Formerly grouped under the Sutherland Canyon fires, the Straight Hollow Fire experienced rapid, wind driven growth yesterday growing to approximately 6,000 acres. There are no structures threatened in the area. Crews will work to assess the fire today and utilize dozer and handlines where the steep and rugged terrain allows to protect sage grouse habitat.

Smoke: Light to moderate smoke from today’s fire activity will spread to the east toward Quincy, WA and the greater Waterville Plateau. For more information on smoke and air quality please visit:

Evacuations: Hill). Level 2 evacuations indicate there is a significant risk to your area. The fire is moving closer to you. A New Level 2 evacuations for residents of NW edges of Quincy (Monument mandatory evacuation order may be issued at any time. Now is the time to prepare for immediate evacuation. Residents should either voluntarily relocate to a shelter or with family/friends outside of the area, or, be ready to leave at a moment’s notice.

Level 3 evacuations remain in place along the Palisades Road corridor beginning at the Highway 28 juncture. Level 2 evacuations are in place the Trinidad area along Mansfield Road. Shelter is available for evacuated residents at the Columbia Grove Covenant Church at 19 McElmurry Lane in East Wenatchee, WA. Shelter for pets is also available at the Wenatchee Valley Humane Society in Wenatchee, WA.

Level 2 evacuation levels remain in place for the Spartan Fire along Colockum Road, Kingsbury Road, Moses Carr Road, Ingersoll Road, and Tarpiscan Road. There have been no reported loss or damages to structures.

Closures: Traffic is limited to local traffic only beyond milepost 8 along the Alcoa/Malaga Highway. There are no other closures in place at this time for either the Spartan, Sutherland Canyon, or Straight Hollow fires.


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