Wenatchee 12-year-old accused of threatening to shoot up middle school

Orchard Middle School

A 12-year-old Wenatchee middle school student was arrested Monday after allegedly threatening to shoot up the school.

Other students who were playing a multi-player online game with the boy reported the threats, said Captain Edgar Reinfeld of the Wenatchee Police Department.

He reportedly said he was going to come to school Tuesday and “shoot up the school,” Reinfeld said.

“Upon contact, the suspect admitted that he had made the threats but he was making a joke, Reinfeld said. “This is not something to be taken lightly. We’ve seen this tragedy play out over and over nationally and internationally.”

The boy was arrested for threat to bomb or injure property, both felonies.

That wording involves someone is threatening to do harm to buildings or property.

The threat did not involve a bomb, Reinfeld said.

“There were specifics in what he threatened to do,” Reinfeld said. “He was very specific about who he was going to start with, by name. One of the students he was gaming with and what that student should wear so he could find his quickly and do it.”

The boy was taken to the Juvenile Justice Center in Wenatchee and will appear before a juvenile court commissioner.

Reinfeld praised the other boys for coming forward.