Weather 8-14-18


Warmer and dry weather will continue with plenty of smoke and haze bringing filtered sunshine. Looking at regional observations and air quality sensors, smoke will still plague Northcentral Washington especially given the high pressure to our south and light west winds through the day, the night and into Wednesday. Temperatures will be on the rise by about 5 degrees from yesterday’s high of 85; with area temps ranging in the upper 80’s to lower 90’s. On Wednesday, even hotter with highs in mid-90’s throughout Northcentral Washington. We will also experience subtle changes by Wednesday afternoon. The flow aloft turns to the southwest, which could signal a transfer of some smoke in our area to the northeast.

On Thursday, temperatures warm by a couple of degrees across Central and Eastern Washington into the mid and upper 90’s as the desert southwest dome of high pressure intensifies. We will also see a bit more wind on Thursday out of the west 5-10 mph, which may help lift some near surface smoke and haze and mix it around, but this may just be temporary as wildfires continue to burn in and around the region and the atmosphere remains dry.

By Friday and into the weekend, more hot and hazy weather is expected with high temperatures in the mid 90’s and lows in the upper 60’s. It almost goes without saying that the smoke is here to stay. Certainly, the region will see some periods of improving conditions but overall do not anticipate any wholesale improvements through next week.