Weather 7-26-18


A strong ridge of high pressure off the coast continues to stay put bringing more heat, sunny skies and light wind, highs today in the upper 90’s. Still some haze in Northcentral Washington from mop up on the Turtle Rock Fire as well as fires to our north in British Columbia. On Friday, not much will change as the even larger area of high pressure in the desert southwest intensifies causing our temperatures to rise even more by the weekend and early next week.

Under sunny skies and light wind, high temperatures for much of Northcentral Washington will rise to near 100 on Saturday and Sunday and possibly as high as 103 on Monday. Monday will also mark the 8th day in a row of high temperatures above 90 degrees.

On Tuesday, our weather pattern begins to change as high pressure begins to weaken allowing a moderately strong area of low pressure to move in from British Columbia cooling us down to the mid 90’s on Tuesday and the lower 90’s on Wednesday.

By Thursday and the end of next week, afternoon high temperatures will be about normal with highs in the mid to upper 80’s.