Weather 6-11-18


The large upper-level weather system in the Gulf of Alaska and associated cold front will begin to lift northeast out of the region throughout the day. Dry and warmer weather will return to the Cascades and Columbia Basin while isolated showers and a few weak thunderstorms linger over the mountains in the Northeast. As the front continues its trek east, we will see some breezy conditions today between 10-20 mph. Drier air will work into the region late in the day leading to clear skies into tonight.

On Tuesday, high pressure will continue to strengthen over the Pacific Northwest bringing fairly benign weather conditions to our area through the week. High temperatures will slowly warm up with highs today in the low 70’s with mid to upper 70’s expected through Friday. A weak cold front will move through Northcentral Washington on Wednesday night and into Thursday cooling our temperatures slightly and increasing wind conditions.

Saturday and into the early part of next week the high pressure ridge will intensify and dominate our weather picture for several days. High temperatures to begin our weekend on Saturday will be in the mid 80’s with upper 80’s and sunshine expected for Sunday as well. Monday and early next week it likes our weather will get hot with afternoon highs in the low 90’s.