Weather 04-03-18


Hope you enjoyed the partly sunny and dry weather today because change is coming in the form of a lot of rain over the next several days.  Your forecast in a moment but first, let’s look out our weather window in North Central Washington with our camera views brought to you by Sky-Fi.

A dry and partly sunny day was had across North Central Washington. The further north you were, the more clouds you found. Wet weather will develop tomorrow and continue through the weekend over the entire region. By the weekend, minor flooding issues may develop, so we’ll keep an eye on that.

Tonight – Mostly cloudy with a low of 38, winds light from the SW

Tomorrow – Cloudy with light rain off and on tomorrow, winds should be calm.  The rain chance is about 40-percent tomorrow.  This weather system is a warm one, with tomorrow’s high expected at 55 degrees.

Tomorrow Night – Clouds will persist with a slight chance of rain tomorrow night with the low around 41.

Thursday – 80 percent chance of heavy rain, tenth to quarter inch possible.  High in the mid 50’s.

Friday – Cloudy, showers and 57

Saturday – Rain likely with a high in the upper 50’s.

Sunday – Partly sunny with a high near 60.

Mountain Forecast – Snow level to remain at the passes tonight and tomorrow with 3-to-8 inches of new snow to fall between tonight and tomorrow.  Then, it turns to rain with the snow level rising to near 6,000 feet by Saturday with lots of rain.  We’ll keep an eye on the possibility for avalanche control as we get through the end of the week and weekend.