Waterville woman charged with rape of teen boy


WATERVILLE — A 20-year-old woman’s admitted sexual encounter with a 15-year-old boy has now led to criminal charges against her as well as her husband.

Douglas County prosecutors on Tuesday charged AdreAnna Renee Jones of Waterville with a single count of third-degree child rape. Sheriff’s deputies have been investigating her case since Nov. 3, when she confessed the sexual encounter to her husband and he allegedly armed himself with a shotgun and threatened to harm the youth.

Deputies said Jones’ husband, Dylan L. O’Gara-Smith, 21, propositioned the 15-year-old over the summer to join the couple in a sexual relationship. But O’Gara-Smith allegedly became angry after Jones had sex with the teen at their home while O’Gara-Smith was at work.

After the revelation, police said, O’Gara-Smith made a threatening phone call to the teen, and walked the streets of Waterville shirtless and carrying a 12-gauge pump shotgun. Prosecutors charged him with criminal counts including second-degree assault, felony harassment, reckless endangerment, and communication with a minor for immoral purposes.

Deputies said Jones admitted having sex with the boy in a police interview. Both husband and wife remain free from custody. Jones must appear in Superior Court Dec. 30; O’Gara-Smith is scheduled for trial in January.