Waterville family farm destroyed in flood


Flooding and a massive mud flow destroyed the Ludeman Family Farm in Waterville this weekend.

The farm located off Highway 2 was hit Saturday night by a massive storm that left over $300,000 in damage to the property.

The Ludeman’s were watching the races at the Wenatchee Valley Super Oval during the flood.

They were unaware of the damage until they returned home.

Collectible cars, pickups, RV’s and the family’s physical house were all destroyed as a result of the flood and without flood insurance, the Ludeman’s do not have a lot of options.

Joe Ludeman spoke with NCWLIFE on how the flood has affected him and his farm.

“We have no flood insurance so I don’t really know where we stand. We appreciate the locals of Waterville and people I don’t even know who have helped us,” Ludeman said.

Ludeman continued by saying although nothing is official yet he believes that everything on the farm was destroyed and it is the worst case scenario.

“I would say its worst case scenario. We haven’t had professionals determine that but to me everything looks like a total loss,” Ludeman said.

Ludeman also said that events like this are completely out of the ordinary for the area, especially in August.

“I’ve seen runoff in the spring when the snow melts but that’s about it, never anything in August not even rain sometimes,” Ludeman said.

A GoFundMe has been set up and shared on Facebook by East Wenatchee resident Jeremy Anders where people can go to donate to the Ludeman family in their time of need.