Waste transfer station in Wenatchee will stay closed 6 or 7 more weeks

transfer station reopens
Chelan County Fire District 1 photo

It will be six or seven more weeks until the Waste Management transfer station in South Wenatchee reopens, a company spokesman said Friday.

The transfer station has been closed since an Aug. 6 fire.

A part needed for operating the sliding arms at the station needs to be custom-made, causing the delay, said Waste Management’s Gary Chittim.

The fire, in an area housing hydraulics that operate the sliding arms, caused smoke to pour from the facility about 5:20 p.m. The cause remains under investigation.

The part being made is essential to operate the arms that sweep the waste, Chittim said.

Residents can use the regional landfill at 191 S. Webb Place in East Wenatchee.

Also,, residential waste can be taken to the Dryden Transfer Station.

Yard debris can be taken to the Stemilt Recycle Center, 1465 S. Wenatchee Ave. in Wenatchee.