Washouts keep Hwy 20 Loup Loup Pass closed due to extensive damage

Loup Loup Pass

Repair work continues on Highway 20 Loup Loup Pass after several washouts closed the roadway earlier this Spring. DOT Spokesman, Jeff Adamson says it could be a long wait to get the road reopened due to the extent of damage.

“There are eight different locations where the roadway was damaged badly enough to close it by itself,” Adamson said. “With eight of them in there, we have a contract and their target is July 20. Our hope is that we will be able to have the roadway open by then but frankly we’re not making any predictions at this point.”

Spring runoff has caused a variety of problems for Okanogan and Ferry Counties where scars from the last three years of record wildfires has resulted in washouts and landslides.

For up to date information on the repair on Highway 20, visit the Washington DOT website here.