Washington’s car insurance rates climb

car insurance rates

Study examines which companies raised prices the most, and why

Some Washington drivers are facing substantial car insurance rate hikes. Premiums across the country are rising, and Washington is no exception.

To find out which car insurance provider’s rates raised their premiums, QuoteWizard conducted a study of rate increases. Insurance companies must file requests with the State of Washington Insurance Commissioner’s office to increase rates. This information was analyzed to find out which companies raised their rates, and by how much.

Here are the findings:

Rates are Rising in Washington: Since the beginning of 2016, these companies raised their rates by the highest amount:

  • State Farm – 16.2% increase
  • Liberty Mutual – 15.5% increase
  • Farmers – 13.4% increase

Rates are Rising Across the Country: More drivers, more accidents, and more cellphone use behind the wheel are all contributing to an upward trend in car insurance costs.

Washington Drivers Aren’t Great: Based on accidents, citations, fatalities, and more, the study found that Washington drivers are the ninth worst in the country.

Seattle Drivers Aren’t Great, Either: Allstate’s Best Drivers Report ranked Seattle 183rd out of 200 cities.

Why are Washington’s Rates Rising? New residents, terrible traffic, bad weather, poor drivers, and legal cannabis are all possible culprits behind climbing car insurance costs.