Video of shoplifting suspect in Wenatchee store helps police nab suspect


High-quality surveillance video in the Gypsy Lotus store in downtown Wenatchee helped police track down a shoplifting suspect Monday.

Arrested was Miranda Zitting of Spokane, who faces third-degree theft charges.

The store owner posted the video on social media early Monday afternoon showing a woman apparently pocketing a large labradorite stone worth $168.


Another retailer recognized the suspect, as well as another man in the video, both of whom had been arrested for shoplifting in their store, said Capt. Edgar Reinfeld of the Wenatchee Police Department.

Both the man and woman had Spokane addresses but were known to be in the East Wenatchee area, Reinfeld said. East Wenatchee police were able to spot the suspects’ vehicle and make an arrest, he said.

The man, who appears to be occupying the attention of the store clerk while the woman pockets the stone, was not charged, Reinfeld said.

“We do not have probable cause for him at this time,” Reinfeld said. “It could be looked at as complicity to commit theft third, so basically he helped by being whatever but he makes no overt actions that could be seen on video that ties him directly to this theft.”

A message of thanks to all who helped was posted on the store’s Facebook page.