US Forest Service Reopens Upper Entiat Campgrounds

Upper Entiat

After several years following wildfires iconic recreation areas in the Upper Entiat Valley like Silver Falls on the Entiat Ranger District are once again reopening to the public. This summer dozens of popular campsites, recreation areas, and more than 40 miles of trails will be available as spring conditions change.

“These places in the Upper Entiat are special and I welcome folks back to the valley,” said Entiat District Ranger James Simino. “However, wildfires like the Wolverine Fire changed this landscape leaving behind hazards which visitors need to be aware of, such as burned out stump holes and downed trees across trails.”

Upper Entiat Fire Damage
Upper Entiat Fire Damage

The Forest Service and partners, such as Chelan County Emergency Management, will continue to monitor fire areas for potential flooding or debris flow; particularly following heavy rain events. In addition, some safety restrictions, site closures or day-use limitations will remain in place depending on the location.

“Safety will continue to be our number one priority for visitors and crews alike, and we will continue to assess, monitor and update conditions as these areas melt out and summer progresses,” Simino said.

— Fox Creek Campground is located 27 miles from Highway 97A on Entiat River Road, of the 16 campsites eight sites will be available for overnight camping and eight sites along the river will be allowed for day use only.

— Lake Creek Campground is located 28 miles from Highway 97A on the Entiat River Road with 18 campsites; all sites will be available.

— Silver Falls Campground is located 30 miles from Highway 97A on the Entiat River Road with 31 campsites and one group reservation site Currently closed, however anticipate campsites to open following hazard tree removal this spring. Most sites will be available for overnight camping but a few sites close to the river could be closed.

Upper Entiat
Upper Entiat Silver Falls

— North Fork Campground is located 33 miles from Highway 97A on the Entiat River Road Will remain closed in 2017 to overnight camping and day use due to impacts resulting from wildfires. Once hazard trees are removed, day use will be allowed at this campground.

— Spruce Grove Campground is located 34 miles from Highway 97A on the Entiat River Road with two campsites, which will be open for day use only due to impacts resulting from wildfires. No overnight camping allowed.

–Cottonwood Campground is located 38 miles from Highway 97A on the Entiat River Road with 25 campsites and one reservation cabin. Campsites numbered 14-25 will be open for overnight camping. Campsites numbered 1-4 and 8-13, located along the river, will remain closed for overnight camping but available for day use only in 2017.

For additional campground and trail information please visit the forest web page at or call the Entiat Ranger Station at 509-784-4700 for updates on spring conditions as the area melts out.

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