Upgrades coming to downtown Cashmere streetlights


You may have noticed that portions of Cashmere are in the dark.The city has recently undertaken a project to upgrade existing streetlights in town to more energy efficient LED technology.

In addition to lights on utility poles, approximately 500 decorative lights were also replaced. When installing the lights, new circuit breakers were also installed.

Given the age of the wires directly buried in the ground, it was anticipated that some of the circuits may trip when the new sensitive breakers were installed, and they did. Since installing the new lights, 17 of the new 47 lighting circuits are not holding and at the direction of the electrical inspector have been shut off.

That means streetlights along portions of Cottage, Elberta, Olive, Chase Washington, Birch and Pioneer are now dark and one of the school crosswalk lights has also been shut off.

Cashmere Mayor James Fletcher says some fixes may be relatively simple while others could involve tearing up sidewalks or streets. Fletcher says correcting the electrical problems and restoring lights is a priority for the city.