Update On Olds Station Fire This Morning

Former Fibro Corporation Building was vacant as fire started during HVAC testing


WENATCHEE, WA – Information about a story that was originally reported as a fire and resulting evacuation of a building at Olds Station in Wenatchee this morning has been updated by the Port of Chelan County.

Originally, the fire was reported around 11:30 this morning in what was reported as the Fibro Corporation building and that there was an evacuation of the building.  According to Aimee Pope, Marketing and Communications Manager with the Port of Chelan County, the building had been vacant since the end of November, “so, there really wasn’t anyone to evacuate.”  Pope says Fibro Corporation moved out of the building and that the Port is currently looking for a new tenant.

There definitely was a fire.  Smoke was spotted coming from the roof of the building at 210 Olds Station Road from the HVAC system.  Fire crews responded quickly to the scene to assist with clearing the building of its occupants and quickly contained the fire within 20 to 30 minutes.

Pope tells NCWLIFE Channel that the Port District, owners of the building, was having the HVAC system tested when a fire resulted.  That’s when fire crews from Chelan County Fire District One were called in to help extinguish the situation.

There’s no estimate on damage available until the Port District has a chance to review the fire and its cause.