Two Wenatchee teachers named National GLAD Team of the Year


WENATCHEE-Terri Goveia and Kathryn Anderson were named National GLAD® Team of the Year for 2017. The award was announced at the OCDE (Orange County Department of Education) Project GLAD® 25th Annual Conference in Irvine, California October 11-13.

This is the third consecutive year that Wenatchee School District has won a national award GLAD®. Jodi Smith-Payne, Assistant Superintendent, was named Administrator of the Year for 2016, and Cynthia Valdez, Assistant Director of Special Services, was named Trainer of the Year for GLAD® in 2015.

Goveia and Anderson are teachers who became certified GLAD® (Guided Language Acquisition Design) trainers. There are 1,800 GLAD® trainers nationwide.

“It was amazing,” said Goveia of winning the award. “The best thing about being at a national conference with GLAD Trainers, is you realize you’re part of an organization that has such high standards, and cares so deeply for the students that they serve. Just to be amongst that group is pretty inspiring and is enough, but then to be recognized by them was unbelievable.”

“GLAD® is brain research-based strategies that help all kids to learn,” explains Valdez, “and especially those students who have low levels of language, whether they’re a second language learner, or a child who comes from adverse childhood experiences.” GLAD® strategies give kids universal access to high-level rigorous curriculum.

“Terri and Kathy  are able to not only bring their expertise to teachers, but share it in a way that people want to work with them,” says Valdez. “[Teachers] invite them into their classrooms, they’re eager to have them come.”

GLAD® isn’t just a stand-alone program, says Valdez,  but supports other initiatives within the district, including PBIS (Positive Behaviors Intervention System), and PLC’s (Professional  Learning Communities).

Cynthia Valdez is the lead with trainers Kathryn Anderson, and Terri Goveia. They became certified as K-12 trainers in December 2014.