Two charged with stealing bighorn sheep remains


WENATCHEE — Two people are charged in a long-running Fish and Wildlife investigation into stolen bighorn sheep remains.

Dennis Leroy Sproul, 56, of Wenatchee and Rane Morrison Borgen, 59, of Cashmere, are charged with first-degree theft for allegedly breaking into a state Fish and Wildlife storage area north of Wenatchee, where the remains of wild sheep are kept.

Dennis Leroy Sproul

Wildlife police and the State Patrol said when they searched Sproul’s home on Franklin Street in February, they found four bighorn skulls buried in the back yard.

Bighorn sheep are protected under state law, and it’s illegal to collect or sell their remains without a permit. State wildlife officers collect sheep remains that are found on state land, or when the animals die in roadkill incidents. There are only about 1,700 bighorns ranging in Eastern Washington.

Sproul and Borgen also face charges of methamphetamine possession after police said they found evidence of the drug in the home. Both are scheduled for trial in November.