Leavenworth’s Tumwater Inn Restaurant & Lounge closes its doors


LEAVENWORTH- It’s the end of an era for one of Leavenworth’s longtime businesses. The Tumwater Inn Restaurant and Lounge closed its doors July 11 after 30 years in business.

After new building owners took over the property in 2015, the owners of the long-time restaurant had plans to renew the lease to continue operations.

Co-Owner Sandy Owens-Carmody shared her thoughts with NCWLIFE News . . .

“In having communication with people for over a year, and then to get a letter April 3rd saying we are not going to be able to renew your lease, my husband and I, Charlie, couldn’t even wrap our head around it we were just so in shock, it was nothing short of astounding,” Owens-Carmody said. “We hired an attorney, and of course talked and tried to figure out what we could do. Even as a last ditch resort we asked these folks ‘gosh, can’t you even just let us operate through the end of the year?'”

Owens-Carmody said businesses owners throughout North Central Washington know that the first half of the year sees minimal business until the Summer months are in full swing along with the winter months.

“We are the oldest operating restaurant, but it costs us money to open up our doors. Then finally we get to July and the second half of the year is actually where you make the money in order to carry you through the first half of the year,” she said. “It really was a hope for our staff, I wanted them to be able to work through the second half of the year. At least let them work during the busy time and whatever your plans are in remodeling that space, do it in the winter.”

Sandy said the Tumwater Inn has been a major part of the history in Leavenworth

“The Tumwater has been known for decades in this region, the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, we used to have the area next door to us and folks came to dance,” Owens-Carmody said. “There were a lot of good memories made in that place.”

Sandy and her Husband, Charlie have no plans to reopen.

“I can’t even begin to say how all this feels,” Sandy said. “You kind of feel like you’re in the middle of a bad nightmare.”