Trust for Public Land fundraises for Kiwanis Methow Park revitalization


The ongoing effort to revitalize Kiwanis Methow Park in South Wenatchee now includes the opportunity to buy a paver engraved with your name on it.

The pavers will be on a wall in the park’s central plaza. The Trust For Public Land is trying to raise $100,000 dollars for park improvements in the low-income neighborhood.

If successful, an anonymous donor will match that $100,000 dollars

This morning on Wake Up Wenatchee Valley, Host Dan Kuntz talked to two of the park’s primary organizers about the importance of revitalizing the South Wenatchee Park:

Teresa Bendito-Zepeda, a Methow Park Volunteer said growing up the park was known as a ‘gangsters park.’

“Over time and with the work of many people in the community– programming it and cleaning it up and investing money into it, it’s become what it is today,” Bendito-Zepeda said. “This summer my mom and I were both at the park Monday through Friday along with other volunteers of programming events doing math and reading at the park.”

Bendito-Zepeda said the summer included a number of cultural events and crafts, along with the first Cherry Fest for the neighborhood.

“It has changed a lot,” Teresa Zepeda said on Wake Up Wenatchee Valley. “Now it’s a really good place to go and just be there and enjoy each other.”

With the work of the volunteers and cultural programming, Bendito-Zepeda says the park is much safer.

“It’s definitely safer than what I remember it to be,” she said. “I think a very important part of creating a safer community is having a nice place, a place that is for people who live near it to make it feel that it’s theirs and have ownership over a space that is for them, rather than just a space that exists.”

To learn more about how to support the revitalization of Kiwanis Methow Park, visit the fundraising page hosted by The Trust for Public Land.