Total of five defendants now named in Banks Lake campsite robbery

Garrett Jax Riel, left, and Zachary James Sands (Department of Corrections)

WATERVILLE — Prosecutors this week charged three Yakima men in a dramatic campsite robbery last fall at Banks Lake.

Garrett Jax Riel, 22, Zachary James Sands, 24, and Joseph Aaron Lacey, 19, allegedly acted as accomplices last September to Kye Shelton and Becca Rosenburg, the couple charged with stealing two portable generators from a campsite Sept. 27.

When the campers returned to the site, the thieves struggled with them while fleeing. A getaway driver in one of the groups’ two cars ran over Lacey, leaving him behind and injured.

Shelton, 32, and Rosenburg, 33, were on the lam for three weeks before police arrested them near Moxee. Rosenburg allegedly brought her four children along in the robbery.

Sands and Lacey remain jailed on unrelated charges in Yakima;
Riel is serving a three-year prison sentence for unlawful firearm possession. Douglas County prosecutors charged all three men with second-degree assault, robbery, and theft.