Weather 7-6-20


The Pacific Northwest will continue to sit under a trough of low pressure as we move into the week. Today will wrap up the final day of seasonally warm temperatures and mostly clear skies with light winds. Today will also be the warmest day of the week, just above normal, before a drop in temperatures through the remainder of the week. Under sunny skies, afternoon high temperatures around Northcentral Washington will be in the upper mid to upper 80’s.

A weak weather system will move through the area tonight kicking up a northwest wind 10-20 mph with lows in the lower 60’s.

On Tuesday, the Wenatchee Valley and Columbia Basin and much of the west plains will likely remain dry and windy under sunny skies. The winds Tuesday do not look like they will bring critical fire conditions; however, with the drier conditions and gusts to 25-35 mph, they can hinder putting out a fire if one were to develop.

Wenatchee Valley weather tomorrow will be sunny and windy out of the northwest 15-20 mph and gusty with high temperatures much cooler down into the upper 70’s.

Sunny with below normal temperatures on Wednesday as the shortwave storm system moves away, afternoon highs in the lower 80’s.

High pressure builds in for Thursday across Northcentral Washington with highs in the mid to upper 80’s.

Seasonal temperatures on Friday with highs in the mid 80’s before we warm up on Saturday with afternoon highs then near 90 degrees.

A slight cool-down is expected for Sunday with mostly sunny skies, highs will generally be in the mid to upper 80’s.