Tim Eyman’s Back Fighting the Car Tab Tax

He's trying to bring back the flat, $30 car tab fee in Washington State.


WENATCHEE, WA – Anti-tax activist Tim Eyman is hoping a third time is a charm. Earlier this Summer Eyman launched a new initiative to get rid of vehicle weight fees, vehicle fees imposed by cities and more importantly to him, bringing back the 30-dollar flat fee car tabs. Eyman says following the passage of the 25-year, 54-billion dollar Sound Transit package in Seattle, Washington drivers are feeling sticker shock.

Transit supporters immediately criticized Eyman’s new initiative and say they need solutions to address congestion in the Seattle area and say although transit is expensive it’s also vitally important.

Eyman says, “The Puget Sound basically shafted themselves because a local government basically promised everybody ‘Vote for this package and your car tabs will only go up $80.’ But everybody’s getting bills for $300, $500, $800 and going ‘You lied to me…I wish there was a way I could have a redo on that vote!’  And this initiative comes along at that perfect time that says ‘let the people vote again.’ It’s something we’ve done two times in our state. The voters overwhelmingly voted to lower their vehicle tabs down to 30-bucks.  But in the last five years, these dirty dogs just keep jacking them back up again!  And people are just spittin’ mad.  I’ve been at fair and various events collecting signatures…and they’re asking whatever happened to their $30 car tabs?”

Eyman says the $30 Car Tab Initiative is an organic movement with no budget and is being run by all volunteers.  “It’s really taking off like a rocket.  It’s got a real snowball effect to it.  And it’s kind of taken on a life of it’s own,” said Eyman.  He said they have until the end of December to collect enough signatures to get it on the ballot in 2018.