Weather 6-21-21


This week will be a very hot and dry weather-week leading up to possible record-breaking heat into this weekend.

Northcentral Washington temperatures today will be about 5 to 7 degrees warmer than Sunday with sunny skies and highs in the mid to upper 90’s. The regional weather pattern includes a cutoff low off of the northern California coast adjacent to large bubble of high pressure centered over southern Colorado. A ridge extending north from this high, stretches across the inter-mountain west. Over the next 48 hours, not much will change with this synoptic pattern as the cutoff upper low continues to meander and ever so slightly deepens.

Weather for Tuesday will be sunny, breezy and hot with temperatures tomorrow in the mid to upper 90’s. Special attention will have to be made to the next few days this week due to the increased winds and exceptionally dry conditions. With temperatures climbing into the mid to upper 90’s, fire weather concerns will be at the forefront of the forecast. Breezy weather is expected on Wednesday too with sunny skies and afternoon temperatures into the mid 90’s.

The real heat begins on Thursday with sunny skies, light wind and highs in the upper 90’s.

The medium range weather models continue to forecast the arrival of triple digit heat over the weekend. Strong upper level high pressure over the Pacific is expected to migrate inland on Friday and remain anchored over the northern Rockies through at least Sunday. Weather for Friday will be sunny and unseasonably hot with afternoon high temperatures in the low 100’s.

By the weekend, places like Omak, Moses Lake, Lewiston, and Wenatchee are expected to top out at 105 degrees or more both Saturday and Sunday. Widespread highlights for excessive heat are expected to be issued later this week for temperatures that our region hasn`t experienced since the summer of 2015.