This fire season quick response is the difference


WENATCHEE- A Wenatchee Valley Firefighting official says crews are responding to wildland fires a lot quicker and with more resources this season.

Douglas County Fire District Two Chief, Dave Baker reflects on three major brush fires that could have caused significant damage if not for the swift response by local, State and Federal agencies.

“What we are noticing as a fire district is we are getting resources from the state, they’re not waiting on these fires anymore,” Baker said. “They’re sending a lot of resources our way. Helicopters, crews, engines, that kind of stuff. We’re putting a bunch of people on these fires and from what I’m seeing in our fires we’re getting containment a lot quicker.”

Washington State Public Lands Commissioner, Hilary Franz says the goal is to keep the fires as small as possible. The state Department of Natural Resources changed its approach to firefighting in 2017: attack from the air early, preposition resources and have agencies train together before the season.