Third COVID-19 case identified in Chelan County

Illustration: 2019 Novel Coronavirus (Source: CDC)

WENATCHEE — A third patient in Chelan County tested positive for novel coronavirus infection, the Chelan-Douglas Health District reported this morning.

Two other patients identified this week are isolated after their diagnosis. One other patient, a Grant County resident, died two weeks ago of COVID-19 complications while hospitalized in Wenatchee.

The discovery of new cases is not unexpected, the district said. Continued social-distancing practices and rigorous hand-washing are still encouraged.

Confluence Health spokesman Andrew Canning said the patient was tested by Confluence staff, and the result was returned by the University of Washington health laboratories Thursday night. He said the Chelan-Douglas Health District asked Confluence not to disclose further information about COVID-19 patients, aside from county of residence.

“There is no reason for panic, because almost everyone who gets this virus will recover and be fine,” the district said in a press statement. “However, there is no reason to shrug it off because we each have the power to minimize harm to people who are precious to us and to our community. We must each do our part.”

The case becomes one of 1,376 detected in Washington, with 74 deaths from the virus. The state established a coronavirus informational website this week.

Symptoms include fever, cough and difficulty breathing. If you live in the Wenatchee Valley and believe you are experiencing symptoms, call Confluence Health’s COVID-19 hotline at 663-8711 before coming to any medical facility