The Chase – Part 4


Hailey Van Lith is on a career path headed for stardom. But the Cashmere 18-year old is still just a girl from North Central Washington. Eric Granstrom has more on Hailey in his final episode of “The Chase”…

The Chase Part 4

The Chase Part 4

The Cashmere girls are one step closer in their Chase for the Gold Ball. And even though there is so much hype and attention being paid on Hailey Van Lith and this team, they try to just keep it real.

Van Lith says she’ll always be a kid from Cashmere

Van Lith says she’ll always be a kid from Cashmere, no matter what. “It’s weird to look at me and my following and the things that I’ve done. But what people don’t understand is that I’ve grown up here (in Cashmere). The girls that I’m playing with knew me before anyone even knew who I was. Everything around me is so familiar here. I’m just someone who lives in Cashmere. These are people I’m closest to. They don’t view me even as someone from Wenatchee would.” Van Lith says when she goes outside the valley she may be “famous”, but close to home, “this is where I’m comfortable and people just call me Hailey.”

The Cashmere girls have been playing all season in front of packed gymnasiums. And if you ask anyone from North Central Washington, they’ll say how proud they are of Hailey and Cashmere. Van Lith says she appreciates the support. “A lot of the people support me and support our program and they feel like they’re a part of it, and they should. When I play for Team USA we’ll play at 1 in the morning here and people will record it or stay up and watch it and that support of me makes them feel like they’re a part of it and they should.” Van Lith says she’s incredibly grateful of the support, especially now that she’s taking her career to the next level at Louisville.

Hailey has had to develop a thicker skin because of haters on-line

Keeping it real and not letting the outside noise get in has been a process for Hailey to get used to. She says she’s had to work on her self-confidence, especially in the face of random haters out there. “SLAM (an on-line basketball video magazine) did a Day-In-The-Life of me and I’m reading it and the top posts are ‘Shut up!’ and ‘No one asked’ or ‘Make me a sandwich’. It’s just disrespectful. but those guys don’t bother me.” Which Hailey took a moment to look directly into the camera and say, “You guys don’t get under my skin when you tell me to go make you a sandwich. I make a great sandwich!” I asked her what her go-to sandwich is and she said peanut butter and jelly.

Does Hailey Van Lith have a weakness? Yes – chips

To show how Hailey is still just an ordinary kid despite being an extraordinary athlete, I asked her if she has any food weaknesses. “Chips. I love salt and vinegar chips. I would eat it every meal, all day. I love them and I’ll still eat them, but there are much more healthier alternatives that fuel my body. I’ve learned that I love because I’m not so achy. My knees don’t hurt as bad. I feel my body so that it’s just more easier to play and is more fun. I think once you experience the benefits of those things, it’s a no-brainer on why I want to eat healthier.

Hailey Van Lith is bound for an incredible future. Right now, she would just to like to help her teammates hoist that Gold Ball Saturday night.