33.4 F
Wenatchee, WA USA
Wednesday, January 22, 2020
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Chief Brett provides update on wildfire prevention in Wenatchee

The goats released into the Wenatchee Foothills last Tuesday have been productive in their efforts to remove fuels in the area.

Goats released to help wildfire prevention in Wenatchee

Herds of goats fled into the Wenatchee Foothills today in an effort to help prevent wildfires in the area.

Chelan County Fire District to release 300 goats behind Wenatchee’s Broadview...

In an effort to reduce fuels and limit the spread of wildfires, Chelan County Fire District 1 will let around 300 goats...

Goats and chickens perish in Chelan Barn Fire

CHELAN, WA - A Lake Chelan area barn was destroyed in a predawn fire Sunday. Chelan Fire and Rescue reported in a Facebook post...

Cougar in Clockum area shot after killing four goats

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife reports a cougar was shot and killed late last week in the Clockum Creek area after reportedly...