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Expect thrills and spills at Bavarian Bruisefest Roller Derby this weekend

A unique sporting event will hit the track this weekend at the Leavenworth Festhalle, NCWLIFE’s Kaitlin Hetterscheidt has more: A live action roller derby tournament...

City of Leavenworth examines parking solutions

LEAVENWORTH - The long-standing issue of parking in the tourist hotspot of Leavenworth was the spotlight at a special meeting last night at the...

Leavenworth Parking Study To Be Discussed Tonight

LEAVENWORH, WA.-The long-standing issue of parking, or the lack of same, in the Bavarian tourist mecha of Leavenworth will be in the spotlight at...

4th Annual Bavarian Bruisefest hits the roller derby track this weekend

LEAVENWORTH- If you’re up for a different type of event, Apple City Roller Derby is hosting the 4th Annual Bavarian Bruisefest this weekend in Leavenworth. With...