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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Tag: entertainment

Wenatchee Valley artist Robert Wilson dies at 78

WENATCHEE — Robert G. Wilson, the painter and supporter of local arts who made his home for the last eight years in...

When Dr. Phil met the Wok-About Grill guy

WENATCHEE — A local restaurateur who briefly challenged Washington's coronavirus shutdown had his moment of fame on "Dr. Phil" last week.

Cirque Dreams comes to Town Toyota Center tonight

WENATCHEE - Tickets are still available for tonight’s performance of Cirque Dreams Holidaize at the Town Toyota Center. The show features a variety of...

Street Talk and Other Stuff with Mike “Maddog” Magnotti

Mike "Maddog" Magnotti, host of NCWLIFE's "Street Talk and Other Stuff," is proud to offer  entertainment which celebrates local people and events with humor,...