Stuller arrested a second time on firearms possession

Joshua Brent Stuller

WENATCHEE — Police arrested a Wenatchee man for the second time in a week Friday for allegedly violating court orders put in place after an insanity plea.

This time police say Joshua Brent Stuller, 31, illegally bought two black powder revolvers at an East Wenatchee store — one week before he stood outside the house of one of his former harassment victims and made an obscene gesture.

East Wenatchee police say Stuller bought the revolvers and ammunition at Sportsman’s Warehouse on Nov. 5 and 6. Store clerks alerted police last week after seeing media reports about Stuller, who was hospitalized for three years after pleading not guilty by reason of insanity to seven counts of felony harassment.

Police say the weapons were replica Army and Navy cap and ball revolvers charged with black powder. Stuller allegedly also bought percussive caps, powder, wadding and lead ball ammunition.

Wenatchee police say on Nov. 15, a witness spotted Stuller standing outside the home of a victim he threatened in his original harassment case in 2015. In that case, family members sought help for Stuller after finding a handgun and
written material that identified seven people as potential targets for a mass shooting.

Stuller entered his insanity plea in 2016, after 13 months in solitary confinement in the Chelan County Regional Justice Center. A judge granted him conditional release from psychiatric custody in December 2017, and full release from custody last May. But court orders bar him from approaching the people named in his writings until 2020, and from possessing firearms.

Wenatchee police arrested Stuller Nov. 19 on the protective order violation. East Wenatchee police jailed him late Friday in the weapons case. He remained Monday morning in the Chelan County jail.

Since his plea in 2016, Stuller has been recognized by Gov. Jay Inslee for efforts to reform local jails’ treatment of mentally ill. He launched a federal lawsuit against Chelan County last year to end the practice of solitary confinement for mentally ill inmates.