Street Talk and Other Stuff with Mike “Maddog” Magnotti

Street Talk and Other Stuff
Street Talk and Other Stuff
Mike "Maddog" Magnotti
Mike “Maddog” Magnotti

Mike “Maddog” Magnotti, host of NCWLIFE’s “Street Talk and Other Stuff,” is proud to offer  entertainment which celebrates local people and events with humor, absurdity, and absolutely no other redeeming social value.

Maddog believes we all should have fun and laugh; at our world, ourselves, and the crazy circumstances we all live in.  Maddog wants everyone he comes in contact with to live fulfilled lives where we love, celebrate, eat, and live with passion – together as we make our way, day to day, from one personal adventure to another. Take some time to have fun, check out “Street Talk and Other Stuff” on the NCWLIFE Channel.

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