State won’t be allowing studded tires early this year


With snowy weather having already descended on much of the state, a lot of people have been asking state officials if studded tires will be allowed early this year.

No, says the Washington State Department of Transportation.

It would take a large statewide snow event to change the Nov. 1 date they become legal, WSDOT said.

And with no such event in the forecast, you’ll likely need to wait.

Studded tires are legal Nov. 1 to April 1.

But if winter weather persists late in the season, the April deadline is sometimes extended.

This year in the Legislature, state Rep. Cindy Ryu, D-Shoreline, introduced a bill that would have imposed a $100 fee per tire on the purchase of studded tires.

The state currently has a $5 fee on the tires.

In addition, Ryu’s bill would have made them illegal starting in 2025. She cited the damage they do to roads as the reason to phase them out.

The bill, however, never made it out of the House Transportation committee.